Monday, October 17, 2011

Class Descriptions

The Class descriptions for our June 2012 knitting retreat with Shirley Paden are below!

Friday June 22, 2012 

Class Title: A Collection of Cast Ons (6 Hours)
Instructor:  Shirley Paden

Class Description
In this class students will learn how to construct approximately 20 different cast ons and the different possibilities for their uses.  This will include 7 versions of the Long Tail cast-on family.  They will also learn how to calculate yarn for the "Tail" of the various Long Tail versions.

No Pre-Class Assignment

Bring to Class: 2 balls of yarn and 2 different sizes of needles.  The needles should be 2 sizes apart.

Prerequisite:  A basic knowledge of knitting

Saturday June 23, 2012 

Class Title:  Cardigan Construction (6 Hours)
Instructor:   Shirley Paden  

Class Description
In this Class students will learn how to design and construct several different types of Cardigans.  The techniques covered will include taking body measurements, planning a Split Front Cardigan with a "V" neck, planning an Overlapping Front Cardigan with a high round neckline, planning a Double Breasted Cardigan, and planning a One Piece Cardigan.  The One Piece Cardigan will be worked in one piece up to the armholes, then separated into 3 pieces, i.e., 2 Fronts and a Back. 

No Pre Class Assignment

Bring to Class: Tape Measure, 2 Pencils with erasers, Writing Paper and Calculator
Prerequisite:  A basic knowledge of knitting

Sunday June 24, 2012- Half day class 

Class Title:  The Final Touch (Finishing) (4 Hours)
Instructor:   Shirley Paden

In this class students will learn professional garment finishing and assembling techniques.  It is for hand knitters at all levels.  It is taught in an easy step-by-step hands-on format.  The goal is to have each student begin to master the skills involved in producing a perfectly finished wearable garment.

The techniques taught include: several types of seaming, several ways of attaching sleeves, stitch pick-up for borders and necklines, making vertical and horizontal buttonholes, and weaving in yarn.  

Bring to Class: Teacher supplies all working materials needed.

Prerequisite:  Basic Knitting Skills

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