Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Retreat Classes:

25 SLICK TRICKS OF THE TRADE (which will actually be 23, I'll explain below)
Friday- all day

Some things in knitting can seem like a drudgery, but if you know some basic techniques and tips, it's a breeze. Learn a slick trick every few minutes and you will be well on your way to making your knitting more enjoyable and professional looking. There's something for everyone, including knitting backwards, cabling without a needle, working short rows, a few cool cast-ons, and 20 others.

The following 25 techniques will be learned: knitting backwards, purling backwards, fixing a dropped stitch, 1 row buttonhole, spacing buttonholes evenly, increasing, decreasing, working short rows, cabling without a needle, binding off over cables, 2 needle bindoff, cutting your work, working twists, 2 color cast-on and bind-off, Latvian braids, knitting in ends, invisible cast-on crochet chain method, invisible cast-on for K1, P1 ribbing, grafting a knit stitch, crochet hook cast-on, chained edging, mattress stitch, I-Cord, and making twisted cords.

Length of class: 6 hrs.

Proficiency level: Intermediate

Supplies to bring to class: 4 swatches (from homework), yarn and appropriately sized needles, cable needle, yarn needle, crochet hook

Homework: Knit 4 swatches in stockinette stitch at least 4 inches by 4 inches, 2 of them should be bound off, the other 2 left on stitch holders.

Saturday Morning

Knit a purely relaxing, beautifully fitting shawl without any hassle of reading patterns or charts. Use any weight yarn, any size needles, make it any size. Worked from the top down, this shawl incorporates easy shaping that makes it stay on your shoulders. You can finish it off in any number of different ways….bind off, easy crochet edge bind off, or knit a ruffly border.

Length of class: 3 hrs.

Proficiency level: Beginning /Intermediate

Supplies to bring to class: About 2 ounces of any weight yarn and appropriately sized needles, one crochet the same size as needles, one 16" circular needle same size.

Homework: None

Saturday Afternoon
Learn Candace's revolutionary and simple new method for heels and toes from her new book Strick-ly Socks. End your sock with wonderful stretchy bind off for K1, P1 rib.Now you can really sing, "Heels and toes baby 1, 2, 3!"

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Homework: With light colored sock yarn and using dp needles, cast on 48 sts. Join the rnd and work in k1, p1 ribbing for about 1 inch. Leave sts on needles. Bring the rest of the yarn to class.
Supplies to bring to class: Any weight yarn and appropriately sized double pointed needles.

Sunday Morning

** We are taking knitting backwards out of the 25 slick tricks class and doing an entire 3 hours solely on that technique because it is incredibly useful and interesting!**

Learn how to knit and purl backwards and how to apply this technique to the task of working an applied edging (ie: not turning work, and those edgings are usually worked on about 6 stitches!) Students will practice knitting and purling backwards, then work an easy garter stitch edging, mitering corners as it is attached.

Length of class: 3 hrs.

Proficiency level: Intermediate

Supplies to bring to class: yarn from swatch (see below) and appropriately sized dp needles, same size circular (any length),  plus a small amount of worsted weight yarn and appropiately sized dp needles.

Homework:  1 swatch knit in yarn of your choice, any stitch pattern. Bind off loosely. It should each measure at least 4 inches by 4 inches. Bring enough yarn from swatch to knit an edging in class.